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traveling at 65 MPH, how many miles do you have to travel to get to destination, vs. someone going 60 MPH?

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Remember that a person can travel 1 mile per minute at 60 MPH. So with 60 seconds to a minute, how many miles will you have to travel at 65 MPh, to get ahead of the person thats traveling 60MPH, by 1 whole minute, How many miles do you have to go ? Is it A- 6 miles more, B- 8 miles more, C- 10 miles more, or D, 12 miles more. With the answerprovided above in miles is it worth it to go that much faster and waste that much more per gallon of gas, going faster to the tank? Need some feedback

7 comments to “traveling at 65 MPH, how many miles do you have to travel to get to destination, vs. someone going 60 MPH?”

  1. You travel the same distance from a to B no matter the speed, the diffeence will be in time and gas

  2. Frankly, turning off your air conditioner will improve your mileage much more than your slower speed.

  3. Well, to answer your bolded question, traveling at 65 miles per hour only means you will get to certain destination faster, not that you will be traveling less distance. Of course, unless you factor in relativity, but the difference is so miniscule at those speeds, I would say it doesn’t matter.

  4. what r u talking about man u sound like a 10 years old having troublr eith his homework

  5. 12 minutes. Chances are that smooth driving, with little brake use and smooth cornering, will give you 10% more distance in your fuel tank. Also check your tyre pressures, run at the max recommended pressure. Try the higher octane gas, in fuel injected cars this can add 10-15% to your mileage, for maybe 5% more cost.

  6. If both of you are going to the same place and taking the same route then you are driving equal miles. Whoever is driving 65 will get there sooner, but will have less fuel in the tank if you are driving equal cars.

  7. I am interested in getting to my destinations alive, without any damage to my vehicle. I drive a car that is over 20 years old, and except for some rusted places it is still in pretty good shape. I will be very happy if I not have to buy another new car for 30 years.

    It would seem to me that many people are not interested in whether they get to their destination alive, uninjured, or with their car undamaged, or with wear and tear on their car such that they have to buy a new car every 3 years.

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