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World travel tour groups for 30-something singles?

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I am looking to meet people from my own age group (mid 30s) who like traveling the world. Are there any online tour groups similar to Contiki (which is geared towards 18-35 year olds)? Maybe travel to europe, honeymoon packages or bus tours too.

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One comment to “World travel tour groups for 30-something singles?”

  1. There are a few groups, and especially if you’re looking for no-frills or budget traveling, certain aspects of each may appeal to you. Because you are a “single,” you may want to find those tours that don’t charge you an additional “single supplement,” which can be just as expensive as traveling for two! If you’re looking international (hence: “World Travel Tour Group”), I like the following:

    STA travel is for “students” but caters to many of the same age groups as Contiki. Perhaps you can find a tour there. has a Russia-China train without a singles-supplement. Despite its name, it is geared to independent travelers (not a booze-train). has many travelers, or those who are interested in hosting/meeting international travelers for free. Many of them are your age or in their early 20s…
    Otherwise, if you have a local University/College, consider asking at their international affairs, alumni, or get involved with the international students.
    Good luck…!

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